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About us

Who we are

LORVEN was started in the year 2001 entering into the field of service sector, doing Housing loans and got recognized by various banks in Hyderabad. Based on the feedback and suggestion from the valued customers and as well as from well wishers, With the current success and Enthusiasm now the team has started choosing the Retail market and opened “ONE MART” part of your family to serve all the customers of Secunderabad and Hyderabad.

Our aim is to be Best Online Grocery Store in Hyderabad

OneMart ventured into Banking, Health and Retail sector.

Directors from three verticals along with experienced team from the retail field have collaboratively ventured in this “ONE MART” part of your family.

How do we keep you ahead?

We are the company mainly focused on quality and timely services to the esteem customers. Our core competences are manage, monitor and deliver services. And we have not only developed proprietary to manage, but have man-hours of experience in managing the delivery of services across twin cities on timely basis. We are open to your suggestion and feedback as a continual service improvement.

For you and “ONE MART” part of your family.

- Time Bounded
- Quality
- Service at finger tips
- Complete Presence in Secunderabad and Hyderabad.
- Toll Free Booking service
- Online-shopping.
- Customer Care

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